Monday, October 31, 2011

Honey, let's Buy the BIG House

I just finished reading though the 9,0000 Real Estate related informational emails I get weekly.

In the times of downsizing and localizing, there was an article on Buying the Big House. This surprised me, even my husband talks of going smaller. He says our Santa Cruz home is too big. We have 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths, just for the two of us. I think the size of our house is in direct correlation with the health of our marriage. I like room to spread out, I like have an option of which bathroom to use, I like being able to sit in the living room reading a book while he watches TV in the family room.

I admit that our one bedroom only gets used when my best friend visits, the other when my husband lifts weights. I do use all the bathrooms, because I can.

In the article they rank the square footage of homes by state. In Utah the average house is 2305 sq. ft.(no comment) in Washington D.C. 1000 sq. ft. My Aptos house is just over 1900 sq. ft. By contrast my Mothers house within Santa Cruz City limits is just over 1600 sq. ft. with a 3/2 configuration.

As a Santa Cruz Realtor I think it all comes down to price/value per square foot. I would venture that the 1000 square foot high raise in Washington D.C. is valued at a higher price point than the sprawling 2305 sq.ft. McMansion in Utah.

Ultimately it is about what fits and suits your needs and lifestyle. I never thought that 22 years ago we would still be living in our Aptos tree house, but we are because it still fits. It is my retreat, sure sometimes I wish it was sunnier, sometimes I wish the property was vast and sprawling. At the end of the day it is home and that is what really matters.

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